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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Polishing up the old CV...

Successfully taking "your Self" to market.
by David Bookout

In preparation for Steve's upcoming post , which focuses on developing and marketing your own personal brand, I thought I would offer these suggestions to help you polish up your resume / curriculum vitae ( CV ):

First, what is the goal, or action you want the CV to generate? Most often I find that people say "to get a job", but this isn't really a helpful posture in terms of an effective design strategy that needs to be behind the CV itself. So, be more specific, for example:

Receive "W" job offers, at "X" company, for "Y" role, at "Z" salary & benefit level.

Second, be specific and don't be too general in respect to what you've done. Your experience is actually the "reason to believe" that you can do the job your seeking. Also, remember that it is ok to list everything you've ever done in a DRAFT, but this needs to be filtered out and focused for the role specific versions that will actually be sent.

Third, be focused. Each role specific version needs to be:
a) 1 page ( you can always bring the 3 - 4 page "leave behinds", or send them as a follow up )
b) Compelling and different. What "promises" can you make that better address what the hiring manager cares about?

Fourth, do some research on the company, or companies that you want to approach. How are they structured, what do they value, what is the culture?

In closing, it is also helpful to remember that these four points are not stand alone, but interrelated and interdependent.

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