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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Google Instant

Tickling the thinker in all of us, Google, today announced "Instant", their new predictive logic search feature that enables users to see real time results faster than ever before. To illustrate the time savings there were two side screens ticking off the number of hours saved ( approaching 50,000 ) by people using instant thus far. An amazing fact considering the increased horse power needed to deliver about 20x the results at the speed of light.

Silly me, I thought this feature had been available for some time, but, maybe that just wasn't in the full manifestation that was presented today by a team of Googlers that included Sergey Brin who was donning a pair of Vibram Five Finger shoes.

Amidst the questions in the Q&A of concern that the new feature had somehow altered results and crippled SEO I was personally impressed by the elegant UI / UX refinements that the development team, which included a cast of hundreds, had effectively designed into a box and a button ~ bravo !!!...

On the SEO front, I've always wondered why I've had difficulty optimizing this site to show up better in Googles rankings. After all Blogger is a Google property. After lunch I approached a member of the support team with my question. There weren't exactly sure, but, advised me to read the instructive literature available on the topic ~ { test } myquestionapparentlyabittoopedestrianforthepowersathand { end test }.

Of particular interest was the expansion of the new Instant feature to mobile and other languages, which were both promised to be coming in the next month. So, stay tuned.

Bob Dylan also lent a hand in a video the team put together to illustrate how they were inspired by the challenges of delivering on the project ~ search on !!

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