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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Closure & A New Design...

...should we laugh, cry, celebrate, design, or redesign?
by David Bookout


Turkeys aren't the only ones with wary eyes, particularly around Thanksgiving time. But, as this incredibly tumultuous and greatly historic year comes to a close, two specific questions come to mind that could be quite powerful openings to help you design the 2009 you desire and beyond:

What are you thankful for?

"What is the gift you hold in exile?"

The first question is standard operating procedure, particularly this time of year. The second question, however, can be a provocative inquiry into the very things we choose, for one reason, or another, to deny ourselves and those around us access to. Your gifts might be skills that lay uncultivated, experiences that stay unshared, or dreams that remain unrealized.

For me, I'm thankful for the incredible support and encouragement that I've received this year from; each of my teammates, the incredible people they have introduced me to, and those of you that have been kind enough to read, comment, participate in our beta program and otherwise contribute to our desire to bring accomplishment tools to the internet.

I first heard the question "What is the gift you hold in exile?" in late 2005 as a small group of us prepared to present a workshop featuring Peter Block. It was in that workshop that a fellow participant revealed that he used to love to draw and paint. He publicly declared that he would resume that practice and refuel his lost passion. I privately declared that I would pursue a long, long desire to play the drums. My son ( now 15 ) and I have been taking music lessons together for over two years now. It's our Tuesday night ritual. This year I decided to start writing publicly, hence this blog.

As we roll out our plans for 2009 I'll keep you posted.

In closing, thanks for reading. I hope; this leads YOU to design a new future from what you're passionate about, that you might share this with others, and most of all ENJOY & PROSPER !!!

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