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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Define Your Personal Brand...

...or, How To Distance Yourself From The Crowd !
by David Bookout

Is it possible that if you; just got turned down for the job, big sale, or critical funding you were expecting, maybe even counting on - then perhaps you were NOT different enough to stand out from the crowd?

In the coming weeks and months we will be interviewing a variety of people and asking them to share their views about their own personal brand. If you want to be one of these people ( anonymity available ) please let me know.

Sometimes we want to be like others, we just want to fit in. But, sometimes we find ourselves in situations where we want to generate distinguishable points between ourselves and others.

The question isn't when, where, how, or why we create these points. The question is - is differentiation enough?

Today, particularly, as the world gets smaller and more competitive, it is becoming more and more difficult to generate differentiation. If you're looking to; get that new job, sell your products and services, or fund a new business idea, then just being a degree of difference apart from your competition may not be enough to separate you in the mind of the decision maker, or makers.

Someone reminded me recently that "people don't quit jobs, they quit bosses", which supports the fact that every business is ONLY as good as the people behind it, and their unique abilities to work effectively on their own, and with other individuals. The point is that at the end of the day we are all just individual contributors regardless of the business structures we find ourselves in.

So, when the ability to achieve your goals, by simply submitting a request, or an application as indicated in the "Fran" cartoon, seems too remote, then this is the time when you must begin to think differently. You must act differently. You must BE different!

Do you have a Personal Brand?

Here's a way to find out:

First, reach out to ten ( 10 ) business associates, and simply ask them FOR THE ONE ( 1 ) WORD THAT THEY would use to describe you. Then, OFFER to give them the one, single word you would use to describe them.

Second, write each result down and look for a common word, or theme.

If there IS NOT ONE ( 1 ) commonly used word, or theme, then the work to do is on the path before you, ENJOY & Please share with others !!!

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