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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Closure & A New Design ( II )...

...Don't Let "Uncertainty" Stop YOU in the New Year !
by David Bookout

Closure & A New Design

In the previous post ( link above ) I wanted to focus on being Thankful, and the exploration of individual, hidden Gifts. But, as 2008 closes, and I prepare to finalize goals for 2009, I've been closely observing the conversations going on around me. Forget the disaster ridden, gloom and doom news - I personally don't subscribe - I'm talking about personal conversations. The personal conversations we're all having with our close friends and loved ones about our feelings and speculations regarding the future. In virtually every one of those conversations the word Uncertainty quickly rises to the surface; uncertainty about the future, uncertainty about the economy, uncertainty about individual and business income, uncertainty, uncertainty, uncertainty...

One particularly valuable conversation coalesced my thinking into the realization that, when left unchecked, uncertainty can paralyze our own best intentions of producing the future(s) WE say that we want !

Interestingly, as I think about this further, my experience reminds me that the other extreme, certainty left unchecked, can be equally paralyzing ! Certainty, to me, is a VERY big contributor to how we got where we are today.

In taking this one more step, if both uncertainty AND certainty have the capacity to render our abilities to produce our goals useless, then where can we stand to design for 2009 ?

A few quick thoughts:

1) Certainty DOES NOT represent the same opportunity set that uncertainty represents in terms of the current, or future possibilities we can create for ourselves. Look for where YOU can seize opportunities in a way that takes care of you and others !

2) Uncertainty DOES NOT mean that we have to suspend our goals. Look for where current trends favor; the offers you can already make, your skills and your passion !

3) Uncertainty DOES NOT mean that we can abandon the use of pragmatic metrics, and the measurement of progress on our path to the fulfillment of our goals. Look for where YOU can successfully measure some type of progress !

4) Uncertainty DOES NOT mean that we have to abandon where we want to go. When we are on a journey both minor and major detours can be expected to be a part of that journey. Look to reconnect with where YOU want to go, redesign your route, and proceed !

Have a minute for five ( 5 ) questions ?

In closing, Our Best Wishes For A VERY Healthy, Happy & Prosperous New Year To YOU and Yours !!

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