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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Effective Negotiation Seminar...

...@ UCSC Extension - The MILE Program 2009
by Steve Brown

One of my passions is negotiation. Don't get me wrong, I personally detest the "I'm gonna get everything I can outta you" approach to negotiation. There's no pleasure for me in that combat experience. What I enjoy is the art of looking for, and delivering, the creative win/win. The win/win I seek is more than what was hoped for at the beginning. It takes time, energy, and a certain type of approach to life. But it's worth every ounce of effort.

Playing Games

An early eye opener for me was the book Finite & Infinite Games by James Carse. He was a professor of theology at the time he wrote this short philosophy book. It separates human interactions into those that are Finite, limiting and diminishing, from those that are Infinite, opening, unlimited, and invigorating. It truly sharpened my perceptions of the win/lose vs win/win energy that can be detected in people. It is also very useful to characterize the approach we take in various situations, and how controlling or collaborating we might be perceived by others.

What I personally enjoyed the most about the book was getting a clear picture of how creativity and key words can create and foster win/win relationships at home, work, and play.

Another book conveys the same concepts but in a more mainstream format more readable to most. Power: The Infinite Game, by Michael Broom and Donald Klein, is a fantastic review of the energy dynamics involved within yourself, and between people. It connects that energy exchange to the concepts of win/win and win/lose, and continues on to provide a well balanced journey through advanced negotiation concepts.

Taping Into Local Expertise

I'm now a guest lecturer for UCSC Extension’s Management Institute of Leadership Excellence (MILE) II; Course 19032-004. The section I will teach is a 3.5 hour condensed version of my "Effective Negotiation Skills" seminar, and focuses on the most impactful building blocks in expanding one's win/win approach to life. The MILE program is delivered by a team of guest lecturers who bring their particular expertise to the classroom, along with their passion to teach and have an impact on the community. It's great company to be in, and I can't wait to meet this year's students!

The MILE Program 2009
Leadership Excellence I, 19032-004
Tuesdays 6-9:30pm
March 17 – May 19, 2009
Saturday, April 18, 9:00am - 3:00pm
10420 Bubb Rd., Cupertino

They are still accepting applications, but you need to sign up soon!

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Anonymous said...

Great topic. Regardless of the industry, all can benefit from this seminar!

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