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Friday, February 20, 2009

Sales Conference 2.0 in San Francisco...

My friend Don Langley over at ConnectAndSell.com recently gave me the heads up on the upcoming ( March 4th & 5th ) Sales Conference 2.0 that will be here in San Francisco.

Here's the agenda overview:

How to Accelerate Sales in a 2.0 World
Sales Lead Management 2.0
Customer Engagement Strategies
Analytics and Compensation Management
Accelerating Productivity – New Sales 2.0 Tools
The Foundation of a Sales 2.0 Business

, and core promise from their website:

Benefit from eye-opening presentations, candid conversations, and collaborative sessions all focused on helping you create your own Sales 2.0 success strategy. You will walk away with practical ideas that your sales team will benefit from immediately.

Hope to see you there !

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