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Monday, May 19, 2008

Management Intellectual Property: an Oxymoron?

In this article I broached the topic of applying the concepts of reuse of intellectual property to the domain of management knowledge. As a Director of Marketing my work surrounds a product category that integrates the artistry of electronics design and verification with the notions of process management and team leadership. I've long been interested in leadership, and the differences from management approaches.

I find it fascinating that executives pour large investments into teams, and don't demand more accountability for the sizeable risk they are taking. There are rapid changes evolving in the industry and too often the focus on keeping costs under control undermine their ability to control costs. There are solutions to applying management techniques, most notably in simply capturing and measuring metrics.

The article talks about capturing management metrics that can be reused to predict projects next time around. There are some interesting companies who are offering metrics capture processes, and even databases from elsewhere in the industry. One such company is Chip Estimate, focused on the physical and manufacturing aspects of electronics.

The main benefit sought by the industry is to automate the interaction of the management and technology domains. The worlds of leadership and management, and engineering.

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