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Monday, May 12, 2008

What is a Brand: part 2 of 6

Definition of a Brand

"What is a Brand?", by Steven Brown

Not everyone decides that a brand investment is the answer to their goals. But most entrepreneurs do know that they need to brand themselves to be successful. What most do not realize is the importance of reinforcing the brand in every contract, with every customer, every fulfilled order, and every customer-facing situation. Their success to date has included a certain brilliance in seeing business opportunity and marketing themselves, but their very adaptability often times undermines their efforts to build a brand through consistency. To scale their business beyond the limits of their own time and energy they need to build a brand and an operation that delivers to that brand consistently. But how do they do this? And what is a brand anyways?

A brand is an assumption, an impression, a reputation, a clarity of the ideal customer and their needs, and the product or service provided to that customer. The goal of a brand is to help the ideal customer come very close to making the sale on their own. To precondition them to the criteria that describes their needs and is uniquely served by your product or service. It helps a potential as well as repeat customers anticipate the kind of pre and post sales service they should expect.

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