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Monday, May 19, 2008

What is a Brand: part 3 of 6

Your Brand Sales Person

"What is a Brand?", by Steven Brown

At its core a brand is like a sales person who constantly whispers in the ear of your customer and your entire company – the ideal sales person that says exactly the right thing at the right time. You want your Brand Sales Person (BSP) to tell the customer their needs will be met by the product or service. The BSP assures them they will receive fair value for what they pay. Whether they should expect a transactional sales experience or a long term customer relationship. And you want your entire team to act in concert with that BSP – to leverage the expectations set in the mind of the customer.

Effort is required to train the BSP to say the right things to the customer at the right time. And your sales team needs to know what the brand is saying to the customer so they can close. How do you equip the BSP properly? How do you control them and stay connected to their customer interactions? How do you build your brand and work with the brand? Most importantly, how do you listen to your customer’s feedback about you and your brand when your BSP is doing all the talking?

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