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Monday, May 26, 2008

What is a Brand: part 4 of 6

Start With The Customer

"What is a Brand?" by Steven Brown

A brand is formed by having a crystal clear idea of your customer, their needs, the benefits and value you provide, how your offering is unique versus their alternatives, and the capabilities or services that deliver those benefits and value. This seems so obvious, so why is it so hard?

Because it requires you to slow down and think critically. But more so, it requires you to be disciplined to define customers that you won’t serve. This is very difficult, and probably the most challenging part of building a brand. Often times early customer and sales successes aren’t necessarily situations you can profitably serve repeatedly. You made money from hustle and value. Likely not by identifying the characteristics of customers you want to repeatedly serve, and those you need to avoid.

Next entry: From Customer to Brand

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