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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Why build a Personal Brand ?...

... because you're actually brand building no matter what !...
by David Bookout

What is a Personal Brand?...

If you don't think you need to worry just look around, and take note of the random thoughts you have about people - "So and so is always late! He's really quite smart! She always runs a great meeting!" As humans, we can't help having such thoughts. Just try to stop yourself. The compilation of what we think about people over time, even over a few seconds, shapes what we will and won't accept - "I would never work for him! I'm going to buy it, but not from her! I'm going to get on his team if it's the last thing I do! When she takes the new job, I think she's going to take me with her, I can't wait!" And every time you talk with someone you're negotiating your personal brand. These are all elements of Personal Brand Thinking, and chances are you have a Personal Brand, it just might NOT be the one you want, or need to have !

Here are a few examples of the benefits of a focused Personal Brand:

Be a more compelling candidate for that next project, new job, or promotion. When we are clear about our true strengths and weaknesses we can create narratives that resonate more effectively with specific audiences.

Sell more / be more productive. When we are clear about those same strengths and weaknesses we can design more effective actions for ourselves and our teammates to increase results and velocity.

Be a more successful leader. When we understand why some people readily accept our leadership offers, and others don't, we can actively design and implement ways for our teams to be more productive and have more FUN.

Build more powerful networks. Similarly, where we are clear about our interests, goals and passions we can design and implement more effective ways of connecting with greater numbers of people at a deeper level.

As we offered in the previous post ( What is a Personal Brand?...) the process for brand building is the same for companies, products, services, AND individuals. Successful people have known, and used the secrets of powerful brand building for years. Now those secrets can be yours! We've taken the same principals used to create brands like: Blue Shield, Charles Schwab, Hewlett Packard, Intel, Starbucks, etc., and customized the process for individuals, and Personal Brand Building. For just $14.95 you can have 12 month subscription access to your own Personal Brand Strategy Brief. This web based tool is available 24 x 7 x 365, and once accepted in this limited offer program, the tool can be used to repeatedly ensure the competitive advantage you deserve.

In closing, we hope we can be of value as you begin the new year and consciously design and implement a more powerful Personal Brand Strategy, and that you stay tuned for more Personal Brand Review feature articles and Personal Brand Building Tips in the coming weeks !!

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